Как настроить сафари на айфон

Как настроить сафари на айфон

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For example, if you connect to your home WiFi network and set a proxy for it, that proxy will work for that network and you can use your normal connection on any other network that you can connect to. A lot of people do things like this for diagnostic purposes.

What About An iOS Browser Proxy?

Step 1 — Head on over to the Settings section of your device and then look for the Wi-Fi selection. Make sure the Wi-Fi is tapped into the on position so that it can start scanning for networks around your area. Make sure the hotspot you want to connect to is plugged in and fully functional before you start scanning. Step 3 — On this page, you should see all of your network information for the network you selected.

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None of this is information you need right now. It should automatically be set to off. Tap on Manual. The rest of this is pretty straight forward.

Как настроить сафари на айфон

Simply put in the address, put the port in if you even use a port, turn on authentication if your proxy requires authentication and simply save the changes. You have to setup a proxy for the connection, not for the browser on a handheld device.

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The problem with free proxies is as follows:. Yes, it will but only to a certain extent. Basically, keeping yourself anonymous comes down to common sense.

Как настроить сафари на айфон

A proxy can only do so much when it comes to keeping your identity safe and keeping you anonymous on the internet. A proxy is simply a process that masks your external IP address from websites that try to obtain information on you. You want a proxy server that can keep up with your regular internet speeds while providing you that extra level of security.

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Some proxies are good on some handheld devices than others. So, you want to make sure a proxy has great uptime.

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You need to make sure you can still connect quickly. Where the proxy is located will also come in handy. Another downfall to free proxies is that their speed is horrendously slow.

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  • Most free proxies again, are shared with hundreds if not thousands of people at the same time, so their speeds are far less than ideal for even general browsing. This includes information such as your home address, your name, your location, your place of employment, your phone number and more.

    This makes your home open season for people who want to steal from you and if you do on vacation, have someone keep an eye on the home for you. Also, make sure they collect your mail for you. More articles Setting up a proxy server in Firefox. Registration in personal area.

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    Enter E-mail. Enter the password.

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    Repeat password. Login to your account. Enter the password Forgot your password?

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